It says my user ID has already been registered or in use.

If this is your first time trying to register, then someone else has already taken the user ID you want to use. Try something different. If you have already registered and you can't remember your user ID and/or password, use the links to reset them.

It says I have already registered this customer #.

If you have tried to register already and it didn't work for you so now you're trying it again, the computer thinks you have completed the process. Give the computer a swift kick, then call us and we'll help you get it to work.
I don't know my customer number.

You can find it on a report in the upper left hand corner. On the line that says Code: 20/75 (or something like that), your customer number is the middle number, usually four or five digits. In the example above, it's 12345.

Your customer number is also located on the oil slip (if you have pre-printed ones) in the sample containers. In the lower right corner, you'll see two numbers separated by a space. Your customer number is the number farthest to the right. For example, if the numbers in the lower right corner of your slip are "STD-2   12345", your customer number would be 12345.

If you can't find your customer number, call us at 260/744-2380 and we'll give it to you.

It says my zip code isn't correct for my customer ID.
We either don't have a zip code on file for you, or we have a different zip code on file than the one you are entering. If your postal code is outside the US, please enter it with any appropriate spaces. For example, Canadian customers should enter L3J 6Y7.

If you still can't get it to work, please call us at 260/744-2380 and we will help you get your account activated.